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January 11- July 2024

a 6 Month Online Group
of Your Magic, Power
& Next Level Expansion

You Are An Extraordinary Soul.
Nourish YourSelf with
Impossibly Powerful Womxn &



Are you ready to reawaken your own brilliant magic, stand fully in your own true power and know your body as the deepest source of wisdom, guidance and pleasure…

once and for all?


Fuck yeah. You’re in the right place. 


Your body is the channel to your all the way aliveness, your breath and senses the keys, soul, spirit, creative genius, Intuition are your guides, and Valkyries is your magical village. 


I can’t tell you how many womxn come to me with “I feel like I have all of these puzzle pieces but can’t get them to go together.” 


or “I don't know what it is but I just feel like there’s *something* missing.”


or “I’ve been doing mindset work, I've been working on myself through meditations, books, podcasts, but I’m still not feeling that aliveness that I know is possible. Something falls short."


You KNOW you’re here for MORE but…(trails off...)


Can you relate?


Maybe you were connected to your delightful magic at moments in childhood but haven’t felt it in a while.

Feels like that empty puzzle piece spot, right?


Maybe you’ve been devoted to affirmations and mindset and information but there’s just something on the tip of your tongue that you can’t quite grasp. 


Maybe your channel is online sometimes but you know it could be amplified.


Or You feel glimpses of you intuition but it flits away like a thought on the wind.

or maybee you can FEEL all the of amazing gooey plans your soul has for you, you have nut visionary sight, but you just can't seem to get it done. 

Or perhaps get wildly awesome downloads but can't seem to hang on to them.


Sound familiar?

Image by Marek Piwnicki

You’re likely a healer, a coach, a varietal of artist or otherwise “different” womxn in this world. 

You don’t ascribe by “their” ways AND feel most alive when you DO IT YOUR WAY. 


You. Are. Powerful. You. Are Magical. 


Valkyries SEES YOU. 


In the magical course of 6 months I will take you from “I can ALMOST touch it” to

the biggest, fully embodied, juiciest, most turned on and electric “I’ll have what SHE’S having”, powered up and magic ON…



Seriously, your world, your friends, your mom… are gonna wanna know WTF you’re doing and if they can have it too. 


“You’re GLOWING, what IS IT?”


Valkyries, baby. 

I know where you are.

And I know what it takes to reconnect you to your magic, power

and all-the-way-aliveness. 


Lemme tell you a story. Not so long ago I was working a mediocre restaurant job, not bad, but not good either, shortly after experiencing the biggest rupture and identity death of my life. In short, everything crashed and burned, who I thought I was was ripped out from under my feet and I almost died. No shit. Ask me about it. 

I came home from said job one afternoon, collapse on the bathroom floor, sobbing and wailing to the Universe to “help me see!” “This isn’t working, help me!” I could FEEL the magic all around me but I couldn’t “figure out” how to make it mine. How to ignite that “tip of the tongue” feeling that there was MORE TO MY LIFE and I KNEW that is was fucking magical.


And the Universe delivered. 


Because the Universe says YES. 


I was gifted EVERYTHING that I needed to KNOW magic in my body, to alchemize my wounds and traumas and triggers into gold, to remember my soul-soured power and light as woman in this world and how to transform my external world from my internal guidance. 


This is Valkyries. 

Everything that I’ve somatically learned that took me from “fine, I’m doing fine” to “OHMYFUCKINGGOD my LIFE IS AMAZEBALLS!”


The energetics of Valkyries changed my ENTIRE LIFE. Now I do what I want, as I want, and I guide incredible fucking humans into their most radiant and magical lives. 


I take you on epic adventures of the psyche, through the soma and return you home better than I found you. Expanded beyond what you even thought possible, more healed, more magical, more powerful, a little bit taller, a little bit more baller. 


A Journey of Multi-Faceted Expansion

Into Your Sovereign



embodied divine energetics,

emotional mastery,

somatic alchemy

& sacred village.

Magnifying Your Power,

Clearing Your Limiting dynamics, 

Transforming Your Wounds into Gold,

Embodying YOUR Next Level LIFE. 

Your 6 MONTH ONLINE GROUP FLIGHT runs January 11

- July 2024.


6 month Sacred Valkyries Temple:


+ alchemizing online village of extraordinary womxn,

Life Revolution in Sacred Witness, Weekly Attunements and Embodiments, Collaborative Playlists for Somatic Processing and Manifestations, Healing the Womxn and Witch Wounds.


(Subject to waves of Feminine inspiration and movement)

I teach from the truth of the collective. So while we have modules, they’re always

in motion. Trust. This is the medicine. 


Somatic Alchemy

Senses as your Spirituality Portal

Nervous System 



Feminine Energetics, Power Cycles 

Rest and rejuvenation through Sacred Energetics 

Energy in Motion Mastery


Sacred Rage and Grief

Somatic Frequency Magic 

Alchemizing Wounds



Ancestral rewiring 


Dark Goddess 

Integration of the Inner Perfectionist 

(my famous finger-paint class)


Masculine Codes

Sacred Fire


Your Queen Frequency

Time-Line Collapse

Quantum Leaps


Wealth Energetics

Manifestation Resonance


+ 3 group zoom calls per month


(yes! recordings!)

+ 1 integration week off in sync with the full moon

monthly breathwork 

Quantum Expansions, Deep Inner Transformations, Fearless Guidance, rapid somatic healing, Divine Feminine Embodiment, Shadow Integrations, parts work,

Patterning clearings, Liberation of limiting beliefs, 

Meeting Thresholds, Sacred Masculine Refinement & Shamanic Journeys. 


+ 6 Extraordinary Guest Speakers

Science and Magic of the Nervous System, your Embodied NO, Art as Spirituality,

Relating with your Selves, Rest as Magic, Integrative Sound Healing.


+ Valkyries Library of RESOURCES:

Carly's signature embodiment tracks, 

psychic attunements and codes,

meditations and breathworks,

cultivation of your own practices

that light you up and turns you on,

always co-creative with the energies of the Valkyries

Telegram group magic 





Hey beauty. Let's take a moment. The Feminine is slowww.

When we slow down, intuition can speak. 

Drop into this track.

Slow down.

Connect with your breath. Feel your heart in your chest, drop the tightness in your hips, feel your feet, connect to the Earth. 

What would it be like to wake up connected to your magic? What would that feel like? How would you move through the world, knowing your intuition is leading? What relationships could form? Imagine the frequency of abundance from here. The resonance of soul connections.

Oh, to be alive with ease and joy!

To no longer carry the weight of the world on your literal shoulders, to exhale the bullshit, to let go of your shoulder blades, to feel liberation and love in your body?

Imagine the possibilities and opportunities that arise when you're fully in your light, your power, your magic. And whatever you imagine, the Universe wants to serve you, wayyyyy beyond your wildest dreams. 

This. this. this is what Valkyries cultivates.

Your signature frequency of magic. 


I want you to know that you really can have it all.  it all." 

Feel the possibilities that Valkyries cultivatesCarly Raemer
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Ready to start making your own magic and power

a non-negotiable in your life?


Valkyries 4
January 11- July 2024



site-wide SALE : sept 14 - sept 21!

1. Valkyries 4 - $3400 ($600 off)

or 10x payments of $340 (email me for payment plan)


22. Valkyries 4 +

Valkyries in-person RETREAT

$5000 ($1k off)

or 10x payments of $500 (email me for payment plan)




I can't wait to see your magic.

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