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The New Gospell of Business 
for Creative Witches and Art Bitches:
coaches, healers, artists of all kinds, creatives, rebel entrepreneurs and innovators. 

gospell (n.) = "good spells"

October 31- July 2024

A 9 month, high touch, group devotion

to YOUR Business Intuition and Creativity... 

via the sovereign truths of YOU...

so that you can run the business of your dreams like the freaking Genius that you are.

8 coven seats only. 

(2 left.)


It’s like a 9 month road-trip with your best homies where 

we liberate your biz from the limits of the mad Wolf on Wallstreet society 

and co-create a YOU-based business bible that you legit can hold in your hands at the end of next July, 

all while blaring the dopest soundtracks, art-punching your biz content, eating great food, having mysterious and magical adventures, laughing til we pee, sleeping under the stars and howling at the moon.


Oh yeah and spoiler alert,

we’re co-writing a book. 


You’ll never feel lost in your business again. 


GOSPELL: your TRUE and UNSHAKEABLE embodied business compass. 






Best. road-trip. EVER. 


Old business world is a gnarly landscape. It's weird and wounded and fear-based and it can zap the life out of all things feminine and creative.


There amount of ads that tell you you're doing it wrong or classes that tell you you're missing that one key ingredient or you need this outline or to raise your frequency...EW.



if your HOLY FUCK dream scenario is to:


Stop wavering. Stop waiting. Stop doubting. Stop comparing. Stop outsourcing. Stop overworking. Stop making content that looks like your coaches or the woman with 12k likes or that other reel that crushed it and good god stop using templates from Canva you're better than that.


* with an insanely cool coven...

you're in the right place. Read on, babyio...


a peek inside RESURRECTION:

Gospell of Body

Gospell of Energy

Gospell of Play 

Gospell of Rest and Cycles

Gospell of Slayyy

Gospell of MONEY

Gospell of Structure, Sales, Marketing and Social Media

Gospell of Design Language (your Branding)

Gospell of Do it Messy

Gospell of Ritual Magick

Gospell of Messaging

Gospell of Portals

(and sooo many more)

Blue Background


it's a reclamation of the word. "Gospell" literally means "good spells" and since we're magical freaking creatures, I propose we use "GOSPELL" as "TRUTH". 

And TRUTH, as we know, is subjective as fuck, which is the whole goddamn point. 

I want you to be standing so rooted in your truth that you could stand on top of Everest and scream your mission so loud and so regulated that the world orgasms in applause below you. 

Your business gospels won't be the same as mine. Or hers. That's the best. Because they're fucking yours. 

Know your truths, know your moves, know your power. 

Blue Light

After 9 months you will have:

Unwavering trust in your intuitive decisions, movement, and cycles and energy body.


A clear understanding of what your biz is and wtf you stand for. 


Spaciousness, flow and rhythm in your business

(yo, and LIFE). 

How to make a pleasurably doable flight plan for the execution of any creation at any time.  


Unfuckwitable audacity, massive capacity for even more massive expansion and your embodied inner Kanye or Beyoncé or godliness...

take your pick.

Own that shit. 


an embodied navigational compass:

you’ll what to do, when and how to move, and when to wait. 


A direct line of contact with the spirit of your business, the frequency of creativity, your Intuition and your Creative Genius; stop guessing and take divine action from internal informed gnosis. 


A business structure that is organically supportive and inspirational and life-giving, not stifling.

Mucho release and energy movement practices for your business.


Your creativity on tap.


My tried and true alchemical formula for integrating shadows and your inner business saboteurs.


a physical co-created copy of Gospel of Business (our BOOK!)...




You might just also find yourself with synchronistic, magical, aligned, soulmate clients.


A banging brand; fonts, colors and identity.


Mad confidence in your copywriting, marketing skills and sales slaying. 


In-person celebration retreat summer of 2024!

RESURRECTION is for you IF...


You're a soul-led creative business owner; a coach, healer, therapist, artist, musician, renegade, poet, bartender, chef, pirate, designer, maker, magician, mother (hellooooo CREATOR), and//or another other form of ARTIST. 

You might be a biz vet, in baby legs biz or just audacious enough to start your biz in the next 9 months. 

You're lit up by the idea of knowing and moving from your OWN truths in business.

You're co-creative and value the energetic of the sacred coven. 

You so deeply crave business sovereignty, to be all the way in love with your biz, and for biz/life to be aligned and spacious. 

You love destruction as much as creation and learn from that burning of old paradigms. 


You're looking for quick fixes or quick money.

You're looking for someone to tell you what you're missing. 

You prefer to outsource your power and intuition and look for it in other places. 

You align anywhere on the victim triangle. 

You don't play well with others.

You like rules. 

Blue Light

What you'll get:

* 2 live group coven zoom calls every month. 9 months starting October 31.

* A coven Whatsapp group for homeworks, sacred witnesses, work throughs and pocket biz support (see bonuses below for more whatsapp magic)


* Tools, embodiments, meditations (connection to Biz, Creative Genius, Earth, Body, Creativity, etc...), breathworks for moving stuck energy in your biz, resources galore.


* Invitation to teach your own gospell in live coven session,

as well write a chapter in within our book. 


* a physical copy of Gospell of Business BOOK pending production post course, with your own Gospell chapter/teaching/recipe and business exposure.


The Dopest coven of like-minded and like-frequencied creative business owners (and each-other's expertise and network), radical humans and total warrior powerhouses. 


* Gospell House Team includes: our own Astrologer, Copy-Writing Expert, 2 Design and Graphics Pros, a visual Notes Scribe, and 2 Existential Kink coaches.



* 2 extra recorded code drops every month

* 3x guest spirit guide channeler; receive direct guidance from your business guides for your highest and truest business action. 


* Workshop WhatsApp container for your content. Bring in what you're working on; art, cocktail, copy, marketing, sales pitch, a painting, your kid's newest pattern, branding, design, fonts, basically you get me and your coven as your energetic design eyes on all things you make. 




open for new members soon. 



RESURRECTION is a non-refundable program. 


We love humans who play all out. 


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