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Carly Raemer,
Somatic Alchemist

Energy, Embodiment, Empowerment

I ignite creative and wild souls to embody their most expansive lives.  


Coach for Powerful Dreamers

and Rogue Creative Souls.

Energy Alchemist, Intuitive Guide, 

Sovereignty Empowerer, 

Wealth & Prosperity Amplifier,



I alchemize with Makers,


& Magicians  

to CREATE powerfully


Soul & Intuition, 

YOUR unique creative essence...

in rhythm with Ancient Energetics

and the Universe.

Book your FREE
Chemistry call below

The Universe is calling...

the Creative genius that IS You.

My unique flavors:

I am an artist of all mediums.

Literally. My background is in Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Mixology, Adventure & Integrative Health;

all landing me divinely in

Sacred Energetics and the Soma.

I learn through curiosity, play and failure

and specialize in liberation of the inner perfectionist. 

I am so, so curious.

I love colors, textures, memories and  the senses they engage. 

I am an audacious Creatrix,

activating the Rise of the Sacred Feminine,

one Soul-led and Pleasure-prioritized

human at a time. 

We work Life, Love, Art, Biz, Money, Sex,

all through alignment, Somatic Energetics

and your Soul's Guidance.

I love Alchemy and adore your transformation. 

I have many modalities in my armory;

we co-create and utilize what your body needs for the exactly where you are and where you're leaping.

I am a stand for your Emotional Mastery, Sovereignty,

how you Vibrate in Your World,

and reWriting the Energetic Blueprints

that suit your Soul's fancy. 

Part Energetic Psychic, Part Creative Rebel,

Part Vibrational Magic, Part Coach, Part Mom. 

We unite your energetics

so that you can embody the human you came here to BE.

Blowin' bubbles, breaking boxes,

creating creative ruckus, 

and lighting shit on fire since 1986.

oh and i love you.

Your Soul Lover and Quantum Leaping Partner,

Carly Raemer

You are more powerful than you know. 



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