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4 month
Group journey
of energetics, soma and soul
May 23-August 2022

A trade school of energy for 
explorers, designers and warriors of the heart


A s g a r d

Sacred energetic blueprints and architecture
soul tool fabrication and honing
inner ingenuity divining
fortification of the nervous system for

a He:ART activated life

“There is no end. It is simply the end of the old times, Loki, and the beginning of the new times. Rebirth always follows death.”
― Neil Gaiman, 
Norse Mythology

Our Cartography of Events
aka Where we' goin'....
and What we're building

Module one

We build, ground up. Nervous System Calibration, Inner authority, Sovereignty, Somatics.
Module two
Sacred Masculine
Responsibility of Holding a Heart Led Life.

Module three 
Tools and Honing. Integrative practices.
Conscious Demolition.

Module four
Integration of Parts of Self and Shadow Wolves.

Module Five
 Blueprints and Ancestral Patterns.
Redesign of Architecture Energy Plans.

Module six
Building the Temple for the Flow of Life within.
Sacred Feminine. 

Module seven
Conscious, Embodied Relating.
aka Building Cool Life Shit Together. 

Module eight
Creating and Breaking the Glass Ceiling.
Mapping Future Adventures & Designs,
Creating Your Own Set of Tools.
Module Future



GUest space holders

4x 1-1 powerful af calls with me

audio tracks that... when utilized in real life, will change your real life

invite into my monthly
breathwork society

community is a gggame changer

We start May 23rd
Build it

and arrive.

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