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Ceremonial Breathwork (Recording) for Alyssa Gunn Maldonado

This channel is coming soon!

Alyssa was a gem. An absolute gift. My oldest Soul Sister. A lighthouse of giving, a resonant, safe, and warm space holder, a wildly contagious laugh-er, an adventurous spirit, a playful heart, a soul sister, a blood sister, a daughter, a divine mother, a partner, and infinite other energetics. While I do not have words to accurately capture her essence, as my words are finite and her beauty infinite, she touched the whole damn world with her light. 


Holding her space was and will always remain an honor of my utmost degree and I carry it preciously. 


In wake of Alyssa's devastating passing, I called togetherness of her community, on January 9th, 2022.

When life gets dense and impossible, we deepen our roots and come into oneness. When shit gets hard, we anchor with each other, and we radiate. We reach out to our loved ones and we hold each other. 


This ceremonial breathwork recording is accessible and beneficial for all ages, for families, for duos, and for individuals. Pets and babies in the room will share in the regulation. You can lie down or sit and breathing into our bellies for 20 minutes, following my voice of guidance. We'll reconnect to each other, to ourselves, and to Her. You'll leave with that feeling of connectivity that Alyssa was so brilliant at cultivating and a life-long stress regulation tool. 

Here's my OG Belly Breath Track for anytime you need to regulate your systems and come back home to your body, and process your emotions. 

Please share with and invite anyone and everyone touched by her life, by this event, and/or in need of our love and support.



Belly Breath(-)

I love you all immensely.
Reach out. I'm here.
We're here for each other.

Alyssa, I love you always.

If you feel called to donate
100% goes to
Alyssa's family

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