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the ALCHEMIC RECORDS is a podcast unlike any other.

It's a direct line into full and transparent sessions with my clients.

Think of yourself as a sacred fly on the wall in our energetic container of inner transformation. It's your all access, backstage pass into the limitless potential of somatic healing, energy arts, and the power of coaching.  

You get to lean back, receive, get curious, and glean surprising tools, resources, and medicines for your own life. 


I honor your thresholds as deeply as my clients; that being we traverse are layers of the psyche, consciousness, wounds and traumas. 

I trust you to know your own capacity and triggers. Please honor your thresholds. 

If you're ready to work with me...

If you'd like to apply to be featured and held within the ALCHEMIC RECORDS.
...hop on the waitlist... 

If this podcast resonates, please share and/or leave me a review. 

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