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A Soul's Journey

AKA a hiatus from our habitual stuff

so we can have our SOUL STUFF

30 days, November. 

We all lay our *things* on the altar and, together,

support our weird and sweet human Egos

as they unbraid from social media, information, and outsourcing,

get clean from modern attachments


An invitation into the wisdom of the wilderness of you.



We all have our things.

But here's the BIGGER THING.

We're better without them. 

so, for one month, we put them down.

And support each other and share how weird it gets in here because rerouting patterns is bizarre and hard and gets to be easier in community. 

So what's your thing?

Mine's Instagram. 

Maybe yours is too. Or FB or shows or podcasts or books or the news or...anything that pulls you out of your own lane. 

Which is where you wanna be, if you're here with me. 

Soul stuff. The good stuff. 

Join us

I'll share practices, exercises, prompts, meditations; basically whatever comes out of the magical kitchen sink that is my channel. I'll support you in the itchy phase of creating new patterns. 

Things you might find in and along SoJourn:

clarity, space, ease, connectivity, creativity, flow, play, joy, lightness, a little bit of liberation or a lot, and MUCH MORE YOU.

It might not be easy. 

But it'll be worth it. 

Let's get weird. 

Let's get true.

Let's get you, you.

I hold my containers in Slack and am happy to convert to email upon request.
We start November 1 and run through November 30th. Join us anytime.

Questions? Contact me. 

Love always and in all ways,

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